Personal Milestone

Quick update. Recently I reached a milestone in my unstoppable march to fame and fortune. Namely, my first rejection letter! Technically an email, but just for effect I printed it out. They say the whole rejection process is a rite of passage for all authors. So basically, I got my cherry popped.

It’s not a bad email, very professional, but most importantly, from an actual agent. I’m not gonna go nuts and frame it or anything. Or mention him in the dedication of my book when it gets published, thanking him sarcastically for the chance to get a better deal. Much less stalk the guy and confront him in the bathroom of Minnich’s bar and grill, which is just 1.4 miles outside of his home in Long Island, and a regular stopping place on his way home. Which is an okay distance to drive holding two vodka tonics and a twist of lime, especially because he knows most of the police there from playing softball these past 12 seasons. But I digress.

BTW, this rejection was of “The Confraternity of Santo Discreto”. For those of you who are curious, the link is below. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.




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