3 thoughts on “Gilbert (Six Word Story #166)

  1. Why deservedly? Are u not a good friend to others? I dont believe that.

    Or..hah..there atre no souls worthy of your friendship?

    I kinda like fish too…they r pretty, quiet, nd harmless.🐟 🐟 🐟


    1. Oh Steph, that is the mystery of the Six Word Story! The author provides a few words. The reader writes another 10 or 100 or even 1000 in their head to fill in the blanks.

      That said, goldfish can be very good friends. They are reliable, expert listeners, always there, excited when you get near, don’t try to harm you, and give you space when you need it. They are of course lousy if you need help moving after getting kicked out by the old lady. But at least you know that going into it.


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