Fin d’Amor (Six Word Story #177)

Love worn, overused.
Farcical.  Finally, tragic.


2 thoughts on “Fin d’Amor (Six Word Story #177)

  1. Love Dies a tragic death..always.

    Only farcical when parties dont have the foresight to leave before the hate and/or apathy kicks in…and that is sad situation..but it takes courage and energy to move on. And not everyone is in a position to move on..therefore we must not judge. I only condemn those who are needy, have the means to move on…but cant stand to b alone so they marry n stay locked in a weak marriage when love is not their true reason for beimg there. That is not fair to their partner…who is not loved but used. but maybe they are users too…who knows…..

    In the end we die with tragic hearts if we are not true to ourselves.

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