Going Off the Grid


This business of writing is killing me. Well, perhaps not writing itself, but the process of shameless self-promotion. I’ve got a novel done and a few others in draft, but nobody wants to touch any of it until I get tens of thousands of followers. This blog is supposed to be part of Finnegan’s Evil Literary Empire, with frequent witty posts to suck in the sheeple, and well-moderated comments by an active community of fans that is a veritable modern day literary salon. Keep that up long enough, and the bean counters at the finer publishing houses will give the green light to whichever agent pimps by sh1t, and the cash starts rolling in.

Sadly, due to a chain of circumstances that are Lamentable, but as of now are not yet Lamented, it’s been nothing but Six Word Stories and the occasional re-post for months now. And this upcoming weekend is no exception, although the reason is at least admirable. Namely, old Finnegan’s going to a convention. It’s called RavenCon, and it’s all about science fiction, fantasy and horror. It’s up in Virginia, Williamsburg in fact, which works out pretty well as there are some old family cemeteries on the plantations lining the northern bank of the James River that I need to visit for separate reasons.

So the trip to this convention is kind of a cover story to explain me being in the vicinity of some dodgy stuff, should the need for an alibi arise. At the same time, they have some authors running booths at the convention. I’ve gotta lay eyes on that, see what it’s all about, because some day that’s going to be me. Maybe they’ll have some good ideas for swag to give to fans, and stunts to further increase sales.

So right now I’ve got some SWS posted up for the weekend, and may put up another repost or stray chapter.  Just be advised that I won’t be responding to comments or reading any of your posts until Sunday or Monday.

If you want to know more about the convention, link below:




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