Blogmeister (Six Word Story #232)

Encompassing literature’s vices,
Abjuring its virtues.


4 thoughts on “Blogmeister (Six Word Story #232)

  1. Abjure away! Morality is so tentative and subjective. If you know what I mean, somewhere in the world is a person who would murder me for my olive-hazel eyes which are flecked with amber. Likewise in the remaining waking hours of this day it is likely I’ll see someone whose existence offends me for his having chosen to wear socks-less-than-sparkly white. Subjective!

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  2. Oi, you may now have looked at my eye, which does have that cyan in it (photo is what Nikon call “selective color”) and thought “But your eye is not hazel at all.” Heh, it is, the portions of the photograph that are rendered in b&w are the hazel parts.

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