2:37 a.m. (100 Word Story)

Eric quietly turned the key in the lock, and stumbled in.  The cupboard hinge squealed as he got a glass for water.  He looked in on the kids, breathing deeply in the night.

Becky didn’t stir as he made his way slowly across the bedroom, nor when he took off his pants, belt jingling in the dark.  He carefully plucked the book from her relaxed fingers, and laid it on the night stand.  She still had her glasses on.  Those could stay, he decided.

He carefully pulled six inches of tape from the roll, and forced it over her mouth.


4 thoughts on “2:37 a.m. (100 Word Story)

  1. Hmm. Offing his mate while he himself is under the influence. Gonna leave clues behind, he’ll regret it. Pity.
    By the way, have you always –or should I say infrequently?– written 100 word stories? I like this one, it switched it up a bit for me.

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    1. This may be my first 100 word story, don’t recall. However, the story may be trickier than you think. Just because first names were used and he had a key, DOESN’T mean that was his mate. Could be a workman…neighbor who knows she leaves the key under the mat…ex-boyfriend…landlord.


      1. Yes, surely, varieties of truths are in your reply to me! More to the point: I do go with my impulse reactions to your stories, which impulsive instincts I then type up, and of course click on “Post Comment” before I can give myself the slightest chance of changing my mind. I shall NEVER genuinely know the entirety of what was inspiring you, and THAT is all the fun of it, I think.

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