Finneganapolis 500


So WordPress shocked me the other day by letting me know I had made by 500th post. I try to look back and imagine what I would have thought if you had told me back in January of 2015 where this blog would be today. There are a few inescapable conclusions.

First, I would be in utter shock that I am still plugging away with maybe 5 of you target audience members reading this on a regular basis. My most conservative estimates had my audience in the 50,000-60,000 range at this point, and the guys from Audible would be waiting to speak to me in the foyer while PJ O’Rourke would be finishing up his interview over Macanudos and single malt Islay. My site would be professionally run by some discount PR firm from Bangalore. I love you guys (and by this, I mean you five), but for f*ck’s sake make like loaves and fish and multiply already. Go out and get me some more followers. It’s completely unfair that I’m doing all the work around here.

Second, I would be surprised at the volume of 500 stories. Back in 2015 I wrote rambling vignettes about how it was settling in to life on my heavily armed compound in the US South. So I would have thought maybe 100 stories would be out there at the most. Fifty years from now, hipster college kids may be combing through those for quotes to get tattooed in banners around their biceps. But for now, they stand largely unread, mostly as a gold mine to re-post occasionally when I’m on a bender or low-low trip to Sub-Saharan Africa. The whole Six Word Story thing was a godsend, one that makes my tepid output at least moderately respectable. It may be window dressing, but at least I’m dressing the window.

Third, this whole blogging thing is fun. I never thought I’d say this, as my general notion of fun involves danger, the ability to quickly calculate odds, a reasonable volume of ethanol, and at least one member of the fairer sex. But sitting down and putting my thoughts down to writing, and getting responses back, is more enjoyable than I thought it ever would be. While my march to fame and fortune is looking ever more exorable, it’s still a march I still intend to make to its bitter end. Might as well enjoy the company as I go. And for that, the pleasure of your companionship, I do offer my sincere thanks.




6 thoughts on “Finneganapolis 500

    1. And thank you for sticking with me. You’ve shown more loyalty than most of my ex-wives’ families. Your stuff rocks and is a big part of the web experience for me.

      When I do make it huge, the PR firm from Bangalore will give you a special code to use to reach me. That way we can keep in touch.


  1. seems daft, but if you make better use of tagging you will be surprised that many more read because they can find you. use less than 15 though or the post doesn’t make it into the search engine, for some reason. be general too. like short story, writing, etc. people need to find you. & your content is cool, so once they find you they should find something to keep them there.

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