Fin D’Amore (Six Word Story #425)

All night Ischia haunted his dreams.


2 thoughts on “Fin D’Amore (Six Word Story #425)

  1. Notions of Commonalities, maybe? Wikipedia have fascinating stuff to say about Ischia. I reckon it’s a beautiful place; how could it NOT be, given that it’s located in the “…Tyrrhenian Sea…”? That very word: “Tyrrhenian” smacks of something oooooooooooooold, something PRIMEVAL. Just the sound of the word induces heavily favorable bias.

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    1. It’s a beautiful place, a volcanic mountain sticking up out of the Bay of Naples. The legendary place where the Titan Typhon is chained.

      Plus it has natural hot springs and lots of topless German sunbathers.


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