My Absence


On a trip to a place with some people to do a thing for a guy I know. Spotty internet. Swamps. Large mosquitoes. Ceremonies in poorly pronounced Latin, involving sigils inscribed on alligator skins in the moonlight with the tears of a green-eyed virgin. And rum. There will be rum.

Gonna schedule some more Six Word Stories, so you don’t wander away in disappointment and disgust. Scroll down from this sticky post and you’ll see.

Back mid-to-late April, or so. So don’t be pi$$ed if I don’t “like” your comments in a timely manner, much less dazzle you with my witty repartee. It’s nothing personal, it’s business.

If for some reason I don’t come back, I’ve loved you all like family and probably would have banged at least half of you, given the chance.




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