Step One: Choose The Book

Okay, like I said, you are here to help me get published.  The reason you are doing this is pretty much for bragging rights.  If I make it really really really big and get a sh1tload of cash, there is a remote possibility you might get a free signed book or t-shirt or bumper sticker or something.

So here’s how it works:  you are going to read the synopsis of each book, and decide which one you most want to see in print.  This thing is pretty much free-form.  You can vote for one.  You can rank and rate them.  You can leave comments, thoughts, whatever.  If you have a website of you own, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE link back to my site.  Tweet this.  Facebook it.  Take nude videos of yourself rating my work and post them on Tumblr.  Blast emails out to your friends and family.  Just spread the word!  The plan is to become a multi-jillion best-seller translated into 47 languages, with a better class of friends than I have today.  I can’t do this without your active help!!

At some indefinite time in the not-so-distant future, the comment period is over.  Finished.  At that point, I will start posting up material from the winning book or books.  You are then going to get promoted from a member of the public to a member of my editing team.  More on that later, because my plans are a bit sketchy.  Plus I don’t want to bore you this early on.

Here are your choices:





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