FIRE! (Six Word Story 885)

The auger clipped the gas main.


Lame Excuse


Hey, a lot of us follow one another mutually, and you may have noticed my absence on your blogs. No snarky comments, insta-likes as you post new material, etc.

Just wanted to let you know that I had a minor mishap after coming back from the gator trip. This involved a garden-variety fall down the stairs leading to a chipped vertebrae and whiplash. It would be great if I could paint it as something memorable, like surviving a catastrophic car wreck or maybe the result of a cage match against four Peruvian midgets and a she-goat.

Sad to say, it involved me, stone cold sober, trying to save a mug of coffee during a slip. That little miscalculation didn’t save the coffee and sure as h3ll didn’t save me. I can’t even say I took it like a man, as everyone was laughing at me while I rolled around yelling something about a broken rib.

I’ve gotten off the oxycodone and acetominophen, but that wasn’t because the pain is gone. It was so I could get back to drinking without the risk of multi-drug toxicity or further liver damage.

All should be better soon, it’s just taking longer to get back to my old self than it used to. Then I can get all caught up on your blogs, and give some overdue adulation.