The Pogrom (Six Word Story 883)

Holzaepfel’s Paradox reinvigorated dubious racial theorems.


Turnings (16 by Six Word Story #466)

There were discontented rumblings all winter. Staples were rationed; black markets thrived. Pamphlets were everywhere and mobs appeared. The currency collapsed suddenly one Thursday. The riots waxed ever in ferocity. By summer, public executions were unremarkable. Mothers traded young daughters for food. Common decency became an unaffordable luxury. Sons joined militias, or fled abroad. Old traditions assumed new, rebellious meanings.

The First Citizen returned from exile. Opposing firing squads settled old scores. Foreign military advisers encouraged reciprocal atrocities. Paratroopers seized the capital, restored order. No path forward, except general amnesty. The partisans forgave, but never forgot.