Mardi Gras (Six Word Story 891)

Manuela tossed condom necklaces to tourists.


Procopius (Six Word Book Review 822)

Theodora, the consummate temptress, corrupted Constantinople.*

*A highly abbreviated summary of Procopius’ “The Secret History of the Court of Justinian”.   Worth a good read if you’re tired of all this WordPress crap.  Procopius gets right down to business and talks about some of the wackiest characters to ever run a nation, at least until the 20th and 21st Centuries.  If you thought the Bolsheviks were odd, with their bank robbers, kidnappers, bombers, rapists and purges; or if the Nazis were off with their sympathetic magic, strange myths and rituals, and genocide; or if the public corruption, moral hypocrisies, trillion-dollar bailouts, and political theater of today are disturbing, then take a look at Justinian the Law-Giver and his coterie of prostitutes, crooks, extortionists, thugs, and Quixotic generals.  The political violence, violent entertainments, plagues, crop failures and extortion are impressive and entertainingly described.