It’s a wicked world we live in, so here are some guidelines. Not written by a lawyer, but perhaps useful.

The Lamentations of Finnegan Daley is a website provided as a platform for promoting the works of Finnegan Daley, hereafter referred to as Good Ol’ Finnegan, and to serve for the amusement of his readers, hereafter referred to as Creepers. Also hereafter sometimes referred to as you. Depends on the sentence.

There is no charge for the use of this site. All original work on this site is Copyrighted by the author. That is, unless it is clearly a re-post of someone else’s work. Then it’s THEIR Copyright.

This website is often Not Safe For Work (NSFW), and is intended for an immature audience, albeit one over the age of 18 (or of the legal age in whatever jurisdiction a particular Creeper is in). While intended for literary purposes, this site has been known to shock and enrage Creepers, as Good Ol’ Finnegan can be an acquired taste. Please proceed accordingly, and accept apologies in advance.

Good Ol’ Finnegan assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damages as a result of visiting this website.

Good Ol’ Finnegan does not intentionally post Copyrighted material belonging to others, other than occasional reposts via WordPress that credit the authors. If you feel otherwise, please contact him immediately and it will be promptly removed!

Individuals portrayed on this site are generally fictional, or close friends of Good Ol’ Finnegan. Occasional reviews of public events such as concerts will be portrayed, or reviews of books by living authors. If you are not clearly identified, and you believe you are being portrayed on this site, you are mistaken. Really and truly. It’s fiction, or close friends. And close friends know how to reach me.

If you wish to link or repost any original materials here, please go ahead via WordPress repost functionality, and credit the material properly, including a link to the original. The material is Copyrighted, but linking is perfectly fine. In fact, it is generally encouraged. Apparently this helps with Search Engine Optimization. If you plan on doing it to rip into Good Ol’ Finnegan, it’s a free country. And it may even boost the popularity of the site. But hey, Good Ol’ Finnegan is just a sad old man trying to make a buck to pay alimony and child support, so let’s not be too vicious, ok?

If you REALLY feel like suing Good Ol’ Finnegan or whatever, the preferred jurisdiction to resolve disputes is Bruges, Belgium. You agree to meet there, both trips at your expense, and discuss it over schooners of kriek at Bierbrasserie Cambrinus. If that does not resolve the dispute amicably, you and Good Ol’ Finnegan will repair to Kasteel Restaurant Minnewater. If that second meeting fails to resolve the issue, both parties will go their separate ways, and you will drop this non-sense. This is just a blog, for heaven’s sake!

So if you have a problem with Good Ol’ Finnegan, the simplest solution is to not read this blog. If there is some point of honour you wish to resolve, contact him and it can probably be worked out.


Good Ol’ Finnegan doesn’t really know much about computers, and this site uses a free platform. It seems to track the country of origin of visitors, and it does collect some IP address info from those who post in the Comments section. While Good Ol’ Finnegan only intends to use that information to report suspected spam, or in response to a properly documented subpoena, just be aware that Good Ol’ Finnegan can’t take any particular steps to protect the privacy of people who post Comments or visit the site. If someone hacks the site, or is able to scrape that data, he can’t help you. So only post a Comment if you are *SURE* that’s what you want to do.

If you later ask Good Ol’ Finnegan to remove a Comment you regret, WordPress allows that and he will get to it as soon as he can. He can’t help you if someone took a screen shot and is threatening legal action, or your work or Internet Service Provider has records of your activity. Sorry!

Please note that if you are a spammer, or abusive, or stalking, generally frightening other Creepers or Good Ol’ Finnegan, etc, AND WON’T BACK OFF, information available via WordPress or other sources can be used for Legal action.

This agreement can be amended at any time at the sole discretion of Good Ol’ Finnegan, with or without your consent.  It is undoubtedly full of holes and in need of changes, so don’t say you weren’t warned!

Thank you.

The Management

(C)  2015.